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Dynasty Group was founded in 2014 as a consultancy and deal brokerage focused on Chinese-Mauritius busi- ness opportunities. Led by its founder Desmond Chu, the grandson of the late Sir Jean Etienne MoilinAh-Chuen, Dynasty has successfully introduced investors into the local banking, offshore finance, hospitality and real estate sectors. Mauritius has been named as an import- ant “financial gateway” into Africa, and it is with this vision that Dynasty has leveraged its local network to realise the Island’s full potential. In addition to serving a Senior Advisor role with the family’ bank representative office in Hong Kong, the founder is also a regular speak- er at events promoting Mauritius as an International Financial Centre and appeared on CCTV-4 as one of few selected Overseas Chinese sharing the story of their family’s legacy in Mauritius.

皇朝集团 (Dynasty Group) 成立于2014年,是一家专注于毛里求斯商务的咨询和交易中介公司。在其创始人朱显桦(Desmond Chu) 的带领下 (已故朱梅麟Sir Jean Etienne Moilin Ah-Chuen的孙子),皇朝集团已成功地将投资者引入了当地银行,离岸金融,酒店旅游和房地产领域。毛里求斯被誉为通向非洲的重要“金融入口平台”,正是基于这一愿景,王朝集团利用了其当地网络来实现该岛的发展潜力。朱显桦除了在香港家族银行代办处担任高级顾问一职外,他还经常在促进毛里求斯成为国际金融中心的活动中担任演讲嘉宾,并作为少数被国内中央电视台 (CCTV-4) 邀请分享他们家族在毛里求斯的显赫故事。